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I fell off the wagon

The Weight Watchers wagon. It happened tonight. I had a rough day of studying for a midterm for a very difficult subject; Constitutional Law. My lunch was too high in POINTS, but I knew it could have been worse. I went to my last Professional Responsibility class and felt stressed and cranky when I got home. I’m tired. I feel like I might be catching a cold. I’m feeling emotional. I ate some leftover chocolate frosting. Then I ate some reduced fat Oreo cookies with fat free milk. I am so far over my POINTS for the day and the week.

I’ve been very good about journaling my food and working out all month. I’ve lost almost 7 lbs since November 2, 2009. I was even very good on Thanksgiving and I planned out and figured out my points before dinner. Not to mention the 5K run that we did Thanksgiving morning. I’ve been exercising. Five times a week for the last 3 weeks. I should not step on the scale before my official weekly weigh-in on Thursday mornings, but this week I did. I had gained about ½ pound. I don’t get it. Until tonight, I’ve tracked EVERYTHING I’ve eaten and stayed within my POINTS. Why isn’t the weight coming off?

Tonight I felt discouraged. Stressed out. Emotional. I ate chocolate. It could have been worse. I could have eaten more. But this is me being accountable for what I did.

I heard a quote at a Weight Watchers meeting about a few months ago that stuck with me: “What you eat in private, you wear in public.” Ouch!

I will get back on track tomorrow morning. Another full day of studying, then a workout. I’ve set a goal to do a Sprint Triathlon in April 2010, so I’m not going to let a minor eating setback completely derail me and the goals I’ve set for myself.

It’s all about persistence and perseverance. I can do it. I’m worth it. & I will keep telling myself that until someday, somehow I actually believe it.


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  1. You ARE worth it honey! I’ll keep telling you until you believe it! mwaaaa.

    Comment by Daniel | December 2, 2009 | Reply

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