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Triathlon Training – Weeks 2 and 3 Recap

So I am officially signed up / registered / paid for Barb’s Race on July 31, 2010! It’s an all woman half triathlon that follows the same course as the Vineman.

I posted my first tri training blog before the end of Week #2, so this post will contain my Week #2 and #3 training logs.

Week #2

12/31/09 – Day 4: Swam with Daniel at the gym and then rode on the bike (also at the gym). I completed 11 laps (16:53) swimming and rode 6.5 miles (25:21) on the bike. It was a nice enough day, so Daniel and I rode our bikes to the gym and home (1 mile each way). I also did about 10 minutes of strength training. I really need to incorporate more strength training into my routine.   Today was also my weigh in day and I gained 1.4 pounds in the last week.  I didn’t track my food intake.  I will be more focused in the upcoming weeks, as I am very serious about taking this weight off!

1/1/10 – Day 5: Got up and ran the Resolution Run 5K and joined the Empire Runner’s Club. I finished with a personal best time of 30:54! Daniel ran with Bodega and I believe his time was a personal record as well! He’s under 29 minutes! I hope to run a 5K in under 30 minutes in the next couple months!

1/2/10 – Day 6: Daniel and I really worked out today! Last night Daniel and I realized that my Polar heart rate monitor (the watch part) could probably be worn while I was swimming. Today we tested it and it worked! Daniel and I rode our bikes to the gym (1 mile), I swam .4 miles (21:38 with an average heart rate of 138), we did about 10 minutes of strength training and then rode our bikes the 1 mile home. Then we went on the real bike ride! We ended up riding 15 miles! (1:15:52). My training schedule calls for 10 miles, but I felt great even after 15! I feel like I was a bit more comfortable on my bike than last time! Each time out, I will gain confidence!

1/3/10 – Day 7: Today the training program increases my Sunday run by a mile to 4 miles. Daniel and I have been doing some research on heart rate training, so I decided to give that a try today during my run. I decided for a heart rate target of between 155 – 160 to gauge the pace of my run. I was amazed at how much more I actually enjoyed my run today! I felt confident and strong, like I could have run even longer! My pace was slower (12:21 per mile), but I know that will improve over time. My average heart rate was 155. I was not huffing & puffing, praying for my Runkeeper voice to say “1 mile complete, 2 miles complete” or counting songs to try and determine my distance. I actually was able to relax and enjoy myself! What a concept!

Mileage recap:

Swimming: 1.11 miles

Biking: 29.5 miles

Running: 11.6 miles

Elliptical: 9 miles

Week #3

1/4/10 – Day 1: A MUCH deserved day off! I did take the Real Age test and found out that my “real age” is 39.2, which is +2.5 years than my calendar age of 36.7. This is because I drive faster than the speed limit, worry too much, don’t eat quite healthy enough and am overweight. Once I lose another 10 lbs I will be within the healthy guidelines for my height, however my goal is to lose 20 more lbs. My goal is to weigh between 125 and 130.

1/5/10 – Day 2: Today was supposed to be a 3 mile run, but I decided to try another 4 mile run with the pace based on my heart rate. I was a bit faster today than Sunday (today 11:25 per mile) and my average heart rate was 159. Again, I felt confident and strong! I know that as my heart starts working more effectively, I will have to run faster to get to the same heart rate averages.

1/6/10 – Day 3: Today is my mini tri day. I swam .5 miles (26:36), biked 4 miles (14:24) and ran 1.5 miles (16:36). I felt great during the swim and was able to mostly keep my mouth under water! I am struggling with my swimming form. I am unable to put my face in the water – which I am aware, once I am able, will make my swimming much more effective! Baby steps, I’ve got part of my face in the water! I really, really didn’t want to run today. Probably because I didn’t want to run on the treadmill more than anything else. But I pushed through and ran the 1.5 miles as called for by my training schedule. I was a couple minutes late to class, so next week I will make sure to get to the gym earlier on Wednesday!

1/7/10 – Day 4: I was so happy that today was another indoor training day! I went to the gym at 4pm and it was only 47 degrees. (I know there are much colder places, but this is cold to me!) I completed a .5 mile swim (26:01) and a 6.5 mile bike (23:52). I always select the random hill program on the bike at the gym. I started out on level 9 (this particular exercise bike has levels from 1-20) a few weeks ago, and now I’m at level 10. I felt great during this workout again. I’m getting a bit better at keeping my chin in the water when I swim. I’ll get to the point where I’m doing the freestyle correctly, but for now, I’m happy with the progress I’m making! My average lap is about 1:30, which I know isn’t great, but again – for someone with absolutely no training in swimming, I feel like I’m doing okay! I’m hoping tomorrow is warmer (as is forecasted) so I can go for a 4 mile run outside and NOT on a treadmill!  Today was also my weigh in day and I lost 1 pound in the last week.  I was surprised, I tracked all week and completed all my training workouts.  I’m hoping that next week I will see a bigger weight loss.

1/8/10 – Day 5: Did a 4 mile run today (44:59 – distance was actually 4.04 miles). Paced the run with my heart rate monitor and was faster than on Tuesday! My average heart rate for today’s run was 159, which was the same as Tuesday. My time was 11:08 per mile today and on Tuesday it was 11:25! I’m getting stronger and faster! I got a call about a mile into my run (which I answered) and my Runkeeper stopped. I was able to finish my run without the crutch of my Runkeeper! However, I do love having it and knowing my pace!

1/9/10 – Day 6: Taking an unscheduled rest day today because Daniel and I have decided to do a practice sprint triathlon tomorrow.

1/10/10 – Day 7: Oh man, am I tired! Daniel and I did a practice sprint triathlon! Speed wasn’t my goal today – just doing all three activities consecutively. So we started off at the gym (we rode the 1 mile from our house to the gym on our bikes) and we did a .5 mile swim (24:00). Even though my goal wasn’t speed, I did beat my time by 2 minutes! It took me about 10 minutes to get changed and to my bike. I need to seriously work on this! Daniel and I left the gym on our bikes and proceeded to complete a 15.03 mile bike ride (1:10:00)! This, too, was a record for me! The last 15 mile bike ride, my average speed was 11.86mph and today our average speed was 12.85mph! When we got home, we grabbed Bodega (our puppy) and Daniel changed into his running shoes and we were off and running. Literally! The bike to run transition was brutal! My legs felt very, very heavy and I didn’t start feeling completely normal until about a mile into the run. I was feeling pretty strong after and we finished strong and in under 44 minutes! I am so tired now! Daniel and I sat in the hot tub for about 20 minutes after eating burritos from a local taqueria. There is no way I was cooking tonight! Or doing laundry. I hope that I’m not too sore tomorrow. It’s my scheduled day of rest and I will definitely need it!

This was the last day of my 3rd week of triathlon training. I finished all the workouts for both the last 2 weeks. Here’s the mileage recap for the week:

Swimming: 1.5 miles

Biking: 26.53 miles

Running: 13.5 miles


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