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True Confessions

On Monday morning I woke up feeling like myself again. I’m back! I decided to pick myself up by my big girl pants and find Beki inside the depression and fight to free her. She’s there! Depression is NOT allowed to win! 😀 Monday morning I committed to tracking my food for just that day and getting some exercise in. It turned out to be a gorgeous day outside and we (Daniel, his friend Rich and myself) went on a 14.79 mile bike ride! (1 hour, 7 minutes, average heart rate of 157.) I felt great after the ride! I am using Daily Burn ( to track my food and exercise. I have an iPhone and the Daily Burn app makes tracking so easy!

When I weighed myself last Tuesday morning, before getting on the scale, I reminded myself that whatever the number was, there would be no judgment. None. This would be a good, positive way to begin the day (hell, maybe I should begin every day this way!). I was actually pleasantly surprised with the number. I was sure it would have been higher! Without really thinking about it, I tracked food again on Tuesday. I ended up tracking food all week!

I have found this GREAT site that has rejuvenated my motivation! What an amazing group of women! I found this site last Wednesday and participated in the last 5 days of their Shrinking Jeans Olympics! I am even participating in their next challenge that starts on Wednesday 2/24!

I decided that Wednesdays and Fridays will be my rest days, since it’s overwhelming to have to work, and go to class and try and fit a workout in. I had been making myself crazy with trying to work out in the limited time between leaving work and having to be in class.

I think I may have found a workout schedule that works for me. At some point I will need to add strength training, but for now this is it:

  • Monday: Bike – Run
  • Tuesday: Swim – Bike
  • Wednesday: Off
  • Thursday: Master’s swim class
  • Friday: Off
  • Saturday: Long run
  • Sunday: Long bike

I think it’s important to remember to consciously be kind to yourself. If you are suffering from depression, please remember, you are still in there. Fight it! If you need meds, there is no shame or weakness in that. Meds could be the extra help you need to fight back! Meds helped me before, I just don’t think I was buried inside the depression this time like I was back in my 20’s.

Here are my weekly confessions:


  • I tracked everything I ate and all my exercise everyday!
  • I got back on track with my triathlon training and exercised EVERY DAY (loved the Shrinking Jeans Olympics! See below for detail of workouts)
  • I averaged 1441 net calories per day for the last week
  • I lost .6 lbs!
  • I was kind to myself. I didn’t judge myself. I had fun!


  • I went over on my target calories 3 days – however, I didn’t beat myself up about it (which is a big, big deal for me)
  • My boyfriend brought home cinnamon rolls with yummy sticky frosting. I had no will power to stay away. I ate 3. Not in one day, but I still ate some of them.


  • Tuesday 2/16/10 weight 144.6
  • Tuesday 2/23 weight 144.0
  • Loss of .6 lbs!!!

Weekly calorie detail:


  Eaten Burned Net Goal Difference
Tuesday 1,568 281 1,287 1,200 87
Wednesday 2,099 187 1,912 1,200 712
Thursday 1,743 795 948 1,200 (252)
Friday 2,048 114 1,934 1,200 734
Saturday 2,227 710 1,517 1,200 317
Sunday 1,660 103 1,557 1,200 357
Monday 1,449 515 934 1,200 (266)
Totals 12,794 2,705 10,089 8,400 1,689
Average per day for the week = 1441

Workout detail:

  Calories burned  Activity  Time
Monday  529 Bike 14.79m 1 hour 7 minutes
Tuesday  281 Swim class 1 hour 4 minutes
Wednesday  187 Fast walk 2m 27:33
Thursday  795 Swim class, ½ mini-tri 1 hour 53 minutes
Friday  114 Ran 1m on tm 9:43
Saturday  710 Ran 6m 1 hour 7 minutes
Sunday  103 Ran stairs – 44 round trips 10 minutes
Monday 515 Ran stairs 5 mins, 6.8m on bike and 1.67 miles running 51:39

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  1. Hi Beki! I’m so glad you found the sisters at shrinking jeans. Don’t they all ROCK! Great job on the tracking and exercise. I use the livestrong app with my iphone and I LOVE IT. It has finally made me accountable. I really like how you were able to import your calories and exercise-very cool!

    Comment by Bari | February 23, 2010 | Reply

  2. Welcome to the Sisterhood!! You are doing great!! Good job for not letting a little slip up get you down!! Keep up the great work and you will be where you want to in no time!!

    Comment by Ann G | February 24, 2010 | Reply

  3. Beki — glad you found the Sisterhood! They are a lifesaver for me as well some weeks! So, you’re rocking the triathlon training too. Seems like that’s the new direction everyone at SJ is headed, so you’ll fit right in!

    Keep up the great work!

    Comment by Karena | February 24, 2010 | Reply

  4. I am LOVING all the detail you put into your tracking. That’s awesome!

    And welcome to The Sisterhood. It’s great to have you!

    Comment by Thea @ Im A Drama Mama | February 24, 2010 | Reply

    • Thanks Thea! Sometimes I get bogged down in the details tho. I have to make sure I keep myself balanced! Big picture!

      Comment by bekkib73 | February 24, 2010 | Reply

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