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My Fitness Big 3

At the beginning of this year, I told Daniel that I wanted to log 250 miles of running in 2010.  I just looked at what I’ve logged so far this year, and if I keep up what I’m doing, I will run nearly 400 miles by the end of the year!  Wow!  Last year, I set a goal to try new things – things that were outside my comfort zone, things I may not like or be good at.  I just wanted to try.  That was my goal.  I achieved it! (Who Am I?)

This year I have several fitness goals.  Some I’ve been hoping to achieve for some time and am finally in training to make my dreams come true!

  1.  I’ve wanted to do a triathlon for at least the last 5 years.  But I didn’t know how to swim and I hadn’t ridden a bike since junior high.  Plus, for whatever reason, I thought the only triathlons were the full ironmans.  Now (in 38 days) I’m going to be in a Sprint Triathlon in April and a ½ ironman at the end of July.  I’m training like crazy!  And mostly loving it!  I took some swim lessons and can now swim!  Daniel got me a road bike for Christmas and I’m up to almost 24 mile rides now!  So my goal for the Sprint triathlon is to finish (including transitions) in under 2 ½ hours.  I am hoping to finish the July ½ ironman in about 8 hours.  Wow.  I really just wrote that down. 
  2. Climb the back of Half Dome in Yosemite.  Again, this is something I’ve wanted to do for some time.  I have no desire to scale the front – no rock climbing of that magnitude for me (I’m terrified of heights).  But there is a trail that goes up the back and I want to do that hike and maybe a couple others in Yosemite that I’ve never been in shape to do before.  We are going camping there in May, so I’m getting close to that goal too! 
  3. Log at least 100 miles of activity on RunKeeper each month in 2010.  I have an iPhone and there is this amazing app called Runkeeper!  ( You can track running, cycling, hiking, walking, swimming and several other activities.  If you are outside, the GPS will map your activity!  I’ve gotten just over 100 miles in January and again in February, so I’m on my way!

There are other fitness goals that I want to achieve too, but these are the biggies.  I’ve shown you mine – now show me yours!  (fitness goals, that is…)


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  1. I’m so impressed that you took swimming lessons so you could compete in a tri! WAY TO GO!!!! That’s really something to be proud of, Bekki!

    Also, climbing/hiking in Yosemite sounds absolutely amazing. Love your goals, girl!!!

    Comment by Christy M. | March 11, 2010 | Reply

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