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Falling in love again, with running!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day! I know I did! My knight and my son spoiled me all day! I couldn’t and wouldn’t have asked for anything more!

Because of my upcoming challenge (starts in one week on Monday 5/17 – and everyone is invited to join!), I am changing my weekly weigh in day to Mondays.

Monday’s weight: 140.0
11/1/09: 157.8
Total lost: 17.8 lbs!
Goal weight: 130.0
Left to lose: 10 lbs

So this week is going to be about making a daily list of things to do. Including tracking my calories eaten and taking my multi-vitamin! My daily workout goal is to burn at least 400 calories and have Sundays be a total day of rest.
Last week eating-wise was pretty ugly. I didn’t track and I did quite a bit of emotional eating. Ugh.

But last week wasn’t all bad! I have fallen in love with running again!

Saturday I ran my very first 10K!

I have noticed that I’m starting to get a bit faster. I love my Runkeeper app on my iPhone for soo many reasons, but my newest favorite reason is the target pace feature. On Thursday I set my target pace to 10:30 minutes per mile. I have been struggling emotionally a lot and feeling really overwhelmed with, among other things, my workouts. I had stopped enjoying them and really dreaded them. I decided that Thursday I was going to run, just to run and really just enjoy myself. And I did! I ended up running 3 miles at a pace of 9:49 per mile! I guess that shows if you can let go and enjoy yourself, you can surprise even yourself!

So, Saturday, I decided to set the Runkeeper target pace at 11 minutes per mile. It was a safe pace to set. Again, I wanted to enjoy myself and the experience of my first 10K. I wasn’t completely sure of the entire course, but I had run most of it in a different race and training runs. The morning (getting to the event) started off shaky. And by shaky, I mean, I was in a crappy mood. All that melted away after I got to running. I almost missed the start, but got my headphones in, Runkeeper going and off I went! The first mile and my Runkeeper voice tells me I’m running at a 10:06 mile pace. Sweet! Mile 2 is about the same. I was just cruising! I felt great! I felt comfortable and probably could have run more. I felt so great when at mile 5 the Runkeeper voice told me I was still 40 seconds PER MILE faster than my target pace! I finished the race in 1:01:32! My original goal was to finish in 1:08, so I just smashed that!

I am really excited about my upcoming challenge! I am hoping that I can get some people to join in with me! Monday morning 5/17, I will be taking pics, weighing in, taking measurements to kick off the challenge! If you would like details, please comment here, or see my challenge announcement post! Six weeks of Jillian Michael’s DVD’s kicking our butts! Let’s get fit for summer! I’m excited!


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