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ABC’s of Gratitude

It seems like so many self-help or inspirational books recommend keeping a gratitude journal. If you focus on what you are grateful for, and all the good in your life, you will attract more good. If you are focusing on the good, then you will be spending less time on what might not be going the way you hoped. It’s easy for me to write (or think) of 5 or so things that I’m grateful for on a daily basis: my knight, my son, the roof over our heads, enough money to eat and pay the bills, our health.

Keeping a gratitude journal is a wonderful idea. I have decided to start (again). It’s simple, each morning when you wake up, or at night before bed – focus on all the positive forces in your life. Write down 5 each day. Think of how different your days could be, if you started them by focusing on the positive! It can be as simple as not getting any bills in the mail. Trust me, as a broke law student no new bills is something to be grateful for!

I decided to try something new though. Sure, I can think of 5 things I’m grateful for, but I know there’s so much more good in my life! I typed out all the letters of the alphabet. 26 things that I’m grateful for or that make me happy. It took me 3 days to fill it in – but here it is!

My ABC’s of gratitude

A’s – I love me some Oakland A’s! Best 6 months of the year are during baseball season!
Blogging – I am so thankful that I have a safe outlet to write about just about anything I need to
Chosen family – they mean more to me than they probably know
Daniel – he’s the love of my life, my knight in shiny armor and my soul mate
Electronic devices – I love my laptop, iPhone, heart rate monitor – I’m a geek, it’s true!
Fitness – incorporating fitness into my (almost) daily life has made a real positive difference!
Great White Beer – mmmm, beer!
Hudson – I am so blessed to have this wonderful young man as my son
Internship – I am so proud and grateful to have gotten the internship at the Public Defender’s office
Jillian Michaels workout DVD’s – 30 Day Shred was amazing! Can’t wait to start the kickboxing!
Knowledge – I strive each day to learn something new to be a better mom, partner and person
Law School – I know I complain about it, but I truly am grateful for the opportunity to live out my dream
Money – that we have enough to pay our bills each month
New day – I’m always grateful for a new day and a fresh start
Opportunities – I’ve been afforded many and I’m grateful for each and every one of them
Pets – Bodega and Jasmine
Quality time with my knight and my son
Rebekah Anne – my first born, my baby doll, I love her unconditionally and with my whole heart
Sprint triathlon – I completed my first one this year!
Tattoos – I still love them, they are part of me and I don’t regret for a second any of them
Unconditional love – I finally have people in my life that are capable of showing me what this feels like
Vehicle – I love my Xterra, it has been very dependable & it’s fun to drive
Wakeboarding – I tried it for the first time last year & can’t wait to try it again!
X-rated fun w/ my knight 😉
Yosemite Falls – I climbed to the top!
Zip code – I am fortunate to live in beautiful and scenic wine country

I know I’m blessed, in so many ways. And even for that, I’m so grateful!

What are you grateful for? Share with me!


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