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Stopping to smell the roses

I love taking pictures of flowers. I don’t really remember when or why I started taking pictures of flowers, but I’ve got an entire folder in my pictures library dedicated to flowers. Here are few of my faves.

The flowers that are tattooed on my arm, are traced from pictures of lilies that I took. Above is one of the two flowers tattooed on my arm.

This picture was taken in front of my house, with my iPhone. I was studying for finals and decided to take a break and literally smell the roses. They were so beautiful that I couldn’t help taking a picture. I was amazed at how great this picture turned out.

The colors in these roses really caught my eyes.

I took this one today. Again, I used my iPhone. This time I used the Hipstamatic app. It really takes some amazing pictures. I can’t believe how some of these turn out.

Roses are not necessarily my favorite flower, but I am surrounded by them at home. They are gorgeous and I love taking pictures of them.

Lilies ARE my favorite flower and I love getting close up pictures of them. They come in so many colors and variations, that I never get tired of their beauty.

I hope everyone takes time to enjoy the beauty around them.


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