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I have been struggling with gaining and losing the same 30 pounds since 2001.  Twice I successfully followed the Weight Watchers program and got to my goal weight.  In November 2009, I decided that this is it.  It’s coming off and staying off FOREVER this time!  I’ve signed up for a Sprint Triathlon in April 2010 and a 1/2 triathlon in July 2010.  I’ve been struggling to get the weight off with all the training.  Weight Watchers hasn’t worked this time.  As I write this, I’ve lost 13.8 pounds since November 1, 2009!  I have 14 pounds to go (would love to drop 19 lbs, but think 14 lbs is more realistic). 

I found this great website called Shrinking Jeans (  They have been amazing for my motivation! 

They recently hosted a Shrinking Jeans Olympics. I didn’t find this site until 1/2 way through, but I a medal every day that I participated! I am so motivated and proud of myself!
Shrinking Jeans Olympics  

Here are the medals I won:

Shrinking Jeans Olympics 
Bronze: For the 2 mile fast walking event. My time: 27:33

Shrinking Jeans Olympics
Silver: For the stair challenge. I ran 1232 steps in 10 minutes (that was 44 round trips on the stairs in my 2 story house.)

Shrinking Jeans Olympics
Gold: For the 1/2 mini triathlon. 250 meter swim, 6 mile bike and 1.55 mile run. My time: Swim 6:54, Bike 18:23, Run 17:15 for a total = 42:32

Shrinking Jeans Olympics
Gold: For the Wii Hula Hoop – 1991 spins in 6 minutes

Shrinking Jeans Olympics
Gold: Our team won the 4×1 mile relay. Time 35:46

Shrinking Jeans Olympics
Gold: For the 5K run. My time 33:49


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