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Fundraising for The Human Race

I am fundraising for a wonderful non-profit organization. Blood Bank of the Redwoods is a local blood bank that supports our community as well as hospitals across the nation. I had the privilege of working there for 5 years before deciding to pursue my legal career.

The first time I ran in the Human Race, I was working at the Blood Bank, so I naturally fundraised for them. The first time I ran in the Human Race, was the first time I participated in an organized run. I ran the 3K (1.8 miles) and remember I was just exhausted after. That was in 2005. Now, I’ve ran three 5Ks and just finished a sprint triathlon. It’s time for me to run my first 10K (6.2 miles). I can think of no better race to run my first 10K.

One of the reasons I am still fundraising for the Blood Bank of the Redwoods (I stopped working there in 2006), is that my daughter received 2 pints of lifesaving blood after being in a very serious car accident. (She is fully recovered now!) The Blood Bank is a very important non-profit organization to our community.

Please take a minute and help me reach my fundraising goal by donating here: Beki’s donation page

Your support is appreciated!



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I tri’ed, and I finished!

That’s right! I finished my first triathlon!

Since the event took place about 2 hours from our home, Daniel and I drove down on Friday. We checked into the hotel and drove to Folsom Lake. We needed to get a successful swimming session in, in cold water. Plus we wanted to ride the course. For race day, the course was 2 laps around a 6.5 mile loop. Daniel and I rode the lap once and headed for the lake. We got our wetsuits on and in we went. It was encouraging to see children in swim suits playing in the water. But it was still cold. We should have checked out the run course… We left the park feeling pretty confident about Sunday, race day. Continue reading

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Finally under the average!

But, let’s be clear – I’m definitely not a below average woman!

I am so excited to be back in the 130’s! I lost 4.6 lbs this week (I swear I ate, I don’t know what I did differently)! My weight is 138.0!! Even though I’m so excited about this loss, this has been a very rough, emotional, stressful and all around shitty week. Continue reading

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Slow Cooker Turkey Chili

So, I just made the yummiest turkey chili yesterday! Since I had never made chili before, I only made 4 servings, and boy am I sorry about that now! I will be making this again! It’s super easy to make! Continue reading

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Holy heat stroke!

I ran today. Outside. It was a gorgeous, sunny day in beautiful wine country. Perfect for being outside, right? Ummm – not when you are running! It was 71 degrees at 1:45pm today when I headed out for my run. I had to stop just before I reached 3 miles. Partially because I’m still a little congested, but mostly because I am not accustomed to running in these kinds of temperatures. And within 2 hours of running, I’m suffering from a terrible headache. And at 8:30pm – it still isn’t gone. Continue reading

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Picking myself up

This was not a good week for me. I started down a slippery slope on my birthday. I put a stop to it yesterday. Enough is enough already!

I started the Spring Fling challenge on 2/23/10. The challenge is 8 weeks long and I set a goal to lose 8 pounds. Right now, it’s not looking like I’m going to reach that goal, but don’t think I’m gonna stop trying! Continue reading

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Hello? Motivation… where did you go?

(Warning – there will be foul language throughout this entry. If you are easily offended by such language, please don’t read.)

Wow. I feel like total crap. I worked my ass for the entire month of March to get shredded. Every friggin’ day for 30 days. And I’ve probably gone and fucked it all up in the last 6 days. Damn, I suck.

I gave myself a free day of eating for my birthday. Well, actually I started out tracking, but got told by my friends, that calories don’t count on my birthday. It was an easy sell. (For the record, I do not blame my friends, this is all me.) I wish I had more self control and will power. But I don’t. Why don’t I? Other people do. Where’s mine for fuck’s sake? Continue reading

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Shreddin’ through!

I lost 1.2 lbs this week!  Woohooo! (Oh, and today is my 37th birthday!  Can, I assume my Dooney & Bourke purse with matching wallet is in the mail? LOL)

The Shrinking Jeans 30 Shred challenge is over!  I made it!  I shredded 30 consecutive days! I am really proud of myself for sticking it out.  I set a goal at the beginning of the month, that I would complete this challenge – and I did!! Continue reading

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I’ve completed the 30 Day Shred challenge! Post-shredded pix

30 days ago, I told everyone I was starting the Shrinking Jeans 30 day shred challenge. Well, guess what? (I know, the title gave it away…) I did it! 30 consecutive days of Jillian Michaels 30 day shred!

I am so proud of myself for sticking with this challenge and finishing it strong! I have to be honest, I don’t feel (or see in the pictures) that much of a change, but just completing a goal I set for myself is huge! Continue reading

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Can’t it just not be so complicated?

Holy diet book hell!

I really want to know and understand how many calories each day I should be eating.  Have you ever tried to find that information on the Internet?  There are millions of sites, and they all have different information.   So, today, out of sheer frustration, I decided to go to a book store and look for a nutritional book.  What I found was completely overwhelming. Continue reading

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