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Wednesday Weigh-In

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend! I had a wonderful date with my knight (he took me to see Sex and The City 2!), and we went to 2 parties.

I’m going back to the Wednesday weigh-ins. I just love being able to link up with my girls from the Sisterhood, so I just can’t bring myself to move the day. Continue reading


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Triathlon Training – Weeks 2 and 3 Recap

So I am officially signed up / registered / paid for Barb’s Race on July 31, 2010! It’s an all woman half triathlon that follows the same course as the Vineman.

I posted my first tri training blog before the end of Week #2, so this post will contain my Week #2 and #3 training logs. Continue reading

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I fell off the wagon

The Weight Watchers wagon. It happened tonight. I had a rough day of studying for a midterm for a very difficult subject; Constitutional Law. My lunch was too high in POINTS, but I knew it could have been worse. I went to my last Professional Responsibility class and felt stressed and cranky when I got home. I’m tired. I feel like I might be catching a cold. I’m feeling emotional. I ate some leftover chocolate frosting. Then I ate some reduced fat Oreo cookies with fat free milk. I am so far over my POINTS for the day and the week. Continue reading

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